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Divine Plan Healing Training Level II

Advanced techniques for Divine Plan Healers
With extra Attunement

As a professional Divine Plan Healer, this is the possibility to develop yourself further in the Divine Plan Healing System.It is an extra course to learn the advanced healing techniques. You will receive a second unique Attunement.Your personal and spiritual growth will gain momentum and you step even further into your blueprint.

What will you receive in this second training?

Free second manual

The unique, second Attunement

Advanced healing techniques

You will learn how to give:

– distance healings

– group healings

– distance group healings

– healings for events

Distance healings offer you the possibility to work with anyone in the world, no matter where you or the other person are. In Divine Plan group healings, you can give all the participants an individual healing, simultaneously. This is extremely unique! With healings for events, you can support all kinds of occasions, e.g., a job interview, examination, funeral, wedding, etc.

Three essences
To support the unfolding of your Attunement

Certificate of Attendance
As soon as you successfully complete the personal Development Period, you receive another Certificate from the Divine Plan Healing School. With this we acknowledge you as a professional Advanced Divine Plan Healer.

Together with this second certificate you are given the possibility to update your profile on the website of the Divine Plan Healing School and that of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment.

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