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Divine Plan Distant Group Healing

  • Do you find it hard the shut down the mental chatter going on in your head at the moment?
  • Do you struggle to trust the voice inside you, your gut feeling or intuition in situations?
  • Have you become even more disconnected from     yourself recently with everything that is happening?
  • If you answer yes to 1  or more of these questions,  this Divine Plan Healing will help you.

It  allows you to bathe in Spiritual light and connect more deeply into the stillness and silence of  your heart and give you the nurturing  support you need at this time.  It’s a matter of surrendering to it and allowing it.

If you wish to deepen/extend the healing for 6 weeks an Emerald Heart Essence is 25.50 Euro.

See below some testimonials from 2 participants of the June Event 

I felt enveloped by the  Light in the stillness and peace. This uplifting experience  has stayed with me and continues to support me and fills me with positivity  even  when working through challenging situations.

For that, I am very grateful to Nora for introducing me me to Divine Plan Healing which supports me now on a day to day basis.”
B. Casey, Dublin

“This process along with Nora’s  expert guidance and passion for this work is helping me to get a deeper insight into what is holding me back and move past it with courage. This is not a passive process. It requires a commitment for change and do the work outside of  the healing sessions. I had not heard of Divine Healing before. I have no doubt that in the not so distant future ,I will go further with training as a practitioner and integrating it into my practice. Nora Therese  and the Divine Healing system  are truly very special”.
M.S Dublin

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